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What is Kuiñi Xaa?

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Kuiñi Xaa is a sailing ship 

Kuiñi Xaa is a fully renovated 35 ft "First" from 1980.  With a lot of love and efforts, it was transformed from a dusty out of use boat into a safe and functional pirate ship. Yes, a pirate ship!

The word pirate comes from the Latin peirân ‘to try’, ‘to venture’ and from the Greek ‘peiratés’ ‘bandit’. Kuiñi Xaa and its crew will undertake their journey as an adventure, with an open heart and vivid rebellion. Our sailboat is very different from Colon's "La Pinta" or "Santa María", as the only territories we aim to conquer are located within our own chests. Kuiñi Xaa will be our vehicle, our means of communication and our home from which we will travel around the world. Yes, around the world!

Kuiñi Xaa is a network 

Our crew will be comprised of artists, activists, thinkers, imaginative souls who have ideas for a better tomorrow.

Embarking and disembarking sisters in different ports of the world and connecting us with different spaces of social activism throughout our trip, we wish to create lasting relationships of sorority that will strengthen our collective struggles. We want to learn, share, travel and inspire each other to transform hopes and dreams into fuel for a group dynamics that are more inclusive, more just, more respectful of the nature and, overall happier perspectives.

Kuiñi Xaa is a podcast 

Onboard, we think that social changes happen when individual changes merge collectively.

We therefore wish to create a space for discussion, experimentation, creation and individual healing and fulfillment, and want these experiences to be shared collectively.

Our reflections and experiences will be streamed in a weekly podcast that will be broadcasted from the oceans.

From wherever you are, we want you to travel with us and to participate in this great adventure!

Kuiñi Xaa is an opportunity for creation 

Kuiñi Xaa is a  space open to all kinds of revolution-plotters. If you are a painter, we invite you to paint, if you are a videographer, we invite you to film, if you are a doctor we invite you to disseminate mental, sexual and reproductive health tools with us, if you are a researcher we invite you to share your thoughts with us. Whatever you do, we want you to do it with us and share it with the world. We can't wait to meet you!

Kuiñi Xaa is a laborator

Because we think that another world is possible, we decided to start creating it. We want to incubate and make visible new ways of socializing with the hope of opening paths and showing that there are alternatives to our existing social habits. We respect a dynamic of self-management, that is, we do not have leaders, tasks or assigned functions. Our ecosystem is based on love for the community and individual responsibility. The contribution to the costs of life on board and boat maintenance (food, supplies, etc.) will be based on a free and conscious price. In order to be as inclusive as possible, each one gives what they can give according to what is possible to them.

Kuiñi Xaa is a Mezcal 

As we have explained, we aim to propose alternatives to existing systems. We believe that bartering and non-monetary alternatives allow us to rethink social exchanges differently. So, if you host us, if you help us repair something, if you do something to boost our trip, we might not be able to pay with money, but we rather with mezcal. Mezcal is a traditional Mexican alcoholic drink, filled with magic. In ancient lands, we have produced a completely artisanal mezcal, 100% agave, 100% delicious. The mezcal "La Escondida", apart from being our pride and our currency, is a concentrate of love that we have bottled, from Oaxaca to the world.

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